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Whoah 2012 Already!

2012-01-01 12:38:02 by DJ-Corey-X

Well 2011's been a good year! Especially music wise!
2012's here and I plan on starting bigger soundtrack projects for Video Games and making a name for myself!

Thanks to everyone who's rated my music and shown support, Especially feedback givers! :')


2011-01-25 06:35:02 by DJ-Corey-X

So been here a while. Really appreicate the support and In future will be collabarating with some awsome artists. :)

Hey guyz

2010-10-10 05:00:23 by DJ-Corey-X

Hey guyz just started off here and bassically expect TECHNO!!! loloage XD well yeah i mostly do remix's but also do techno from scratch. Any collaborations are welcome just PM me, Until then cya :p